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The Hampsong Foundation

Founded in 2003 by American baritone Thomas Hampson, the Hampsong Foundation seeks to create a platform to support and proliferate the art of song from around the world as a means to enhance communication and understanding among cultures through their poetry and music. (Read more about Mr. Hampson’s passion for classic song here.) Through a series of dedicated song projects and in collaboration with key academic and cultural partners, the Hampsong Foundation funds research that expands the song repertory and our knowledge of it, shares findings with the public through workshops, seminars, master classes, recordings and new media, and provides, through its Web site,, a rich interactive resource and meeting place for lovers of song. The Hampsong Foundation endeavors to take full advantage of innovations in technology to enhance educational possibilities and communicate its resources to visitors.

The website is structured for three types of visitors: the student beginning a journey into the world of song, the experienced listener looking to access and augment his or her knowledge, and the casual visitor who found the experience of a song recital new and is curiously intrigued by the art form of song and its communicative possibilities.

The Hampsong Foundation website is first and foremost a repository for high quality digital multimedia materials relating to song, available in full, for free, to all visitors. From the archives of the Salzburg projects mentioned earlier to sections devoted entirely to the songs of Mahler and Schubert to the expansive Song of America project, the site includes full concert programs, song texts and translations, essays, historic images, and selected audio recordings and videos. You can watch vocal and instrumental master classes, listen to interviews and lectures, and experience special events from your own computer.

The Hampsong Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. To find out how you can support the Hampsong Foundation, click here.

The Song Projects

Song Projects are the heartbeat of Hampsong. The projects explore the connections between poetry and music, history and culture, research and performance, society and song. Academic experts collaborate with performance specialists to illuminate composers’ work from page to stage. Through this work, the Foundation seeks to deepen our understanding of song as the most personal and natural form of human expression, vital for communication in our lives today.

The Song of America Project

Song of America is the Hampsong Foundation’s primary current focus. The project continues Thomas Hampson’s career-long dedication to American music and the work of his first Song of America collaboration with the Library of Congress in 2005-2006.

The Song of America database can be found at the address