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The Hampsong Foundation

The Hampsong Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded in 2003 by American baritone Thomas Hampson and achieving non-profit status in 2005.

The Hampsong Foundation seeks to promote intercultural dialogue and understanding through the art of song by exploring the fascinating mix of poetry and music in a profuse variety of styles, languages and time periods.

Thomas Hampson: “I am very passionate about song in general and I believe that the art form of song – which is poetry as an art form, set to music as a language and art form – acts like a diary of cultures, a diary of people. In every generation, in every epoch, of every culture, in their poetry and in their music, people are telling us what it is like to be alive at that time. Whatever epoch, whatever country, whatever culture, it always is a special adventure.” (GB Times, June 20, 2014)

The Hampsong Foundation, in its short existence and in collaboration with key academic and cultural partners, has created diverse platforms for the study and proliferation of the art of classic song–defined as poetry set to music–as an identifier of cultures through their arts and humanities.

As we witness the continued pressure on the liberal arts in general across the world, as well as the specific dismantling of arts and humanities classes both in America and abroad, the Hampsong Foundation is in a unique position to provide, through new media and interactive databases, curricular support and eventually direct curricular materials to classroom teachers at all levels. The specific agenda of the Hampsong Foundation to teach cultural history through the eyes of poets and the ears of composers in civics, history, music and humanities classes enriches the understanding of one’s own culture in relationship to others and encourages students to engage their knowledge of a cultural historic perspective through the arts.

In carrying out its mission, the Hampsong Foundation’s primary operating environment is the exciting new world of educational technologies.

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The Song Projects

Song Projects are the heartbeat of Hampsong. The projects explore the connections between poetry and music, history and culture, research and performance, society and song. Academic experts collaborate with performance specialists to illuminate composers’ work from page to stage. Through this work, the Foundation seeks to deepen our understanding of song as the most personal and natural form of human expression, vital for communication in our lives today.

The Song of America Project

Song of America is one of the Hampsong Foundation’s major focuses. The project continues Thomas Hampson’s career-long dedication to American music and the work of his first Song of America collaboration with the Library of Congress in 2005-2006.

The Song of America database can be found at the address