Lied Akademie 2018 im Livestream!

From April 6 to April 9, 2018, we will again be broadcasting LIVE from the Heidelberg Lied Academy!

Tune in to these live-streamed events, directly from Heidelberg, Germany, to explore the music, poetry, and multifaceted stories of German Lieder from anywhere in the world.

The following events will be LIVE on:
★ Hampsong Foundation’s Facebook page
★ Heidelberg Festival’s Livestream

After the events, watch archived video from the Academy on our Facebook page:
Hampsong Foundation Videos

Opening Day

  • 10am (CEST): Welcome & Master class with Thomas Hampson
  • 2:30pm: Master class with Thomas Hampson

Open Classes with Thomas Hampson

  • 10:45am: Master class with Thomas Hampson
  • 2:30pm: Master class with Thomas Hampson

»Viva Schubert«

  • 10am (CEST): Open Class »Viva Schubert«
  • 2:30pm: Open Class »Viva Schubert«

Open Classes with Graham Johnson

  • 10am (CEST): Graham Johnson speaks about Schubert
  • 10:30am: Master class with Graham Johnson
  • 2:30pm: Master class with Graham Johnson

Heidelberg TH 2

Under the artistic direction of Thomas Hampson, and with the contribution of such prominent artists – and fellow song enthusiasts – as Graham Johnson, the Heidelberg Lied Academy once again transforms the German city into an international meeting point for the Lied (classic song).

Ranging well beyond the confines of the traditional master class, the Academy’s aim is to give young singers a variety of tools for well-informed text-based song interpretation. The credo of the Lied Academy, reflective of Hampson’s passionate belief in the uniquely expressive power of song, is that singers should tell stories through song, and thus create richer performances through those multi-layered stories.