Schubert’s Lieder 92Y Course, #1

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Enrich the experience of listening to the music of Schubert through a deeper understanding of his life and times, his revolutionary approach to music composition and the poetry he illuminates.

Guided by renowned baritone Thomas Hampson as well as acclaimed musicologist Dr. Susan Youens, this duo of lectures will explore why composer Franz Schubert remains essential to classical singers and audiences today through listening to and, in a literary and humanities context, analyzing some of his most beloved songs. The focus will be on appreciating Schubert’s life and genius as well as his uniqueness as a composer, “listening to” that moment when the Enlightenment tipped into Romanticism in early 19th-century Vienna.

Each lecture will dive into the inner workings of three of his most beloved songs, including selections from Die Winterreise.

Price: from $80.00


06th May 2021


12:30pm - 2pm Eastern


via 92Y