Global Art Song Congress

The Hampsong Foundation was proud to support the Global Art Song Congress „20th Century Art Song: Hybridity, Multiplicity, Interculturality“ from March 14-16, 2024 in Freiburg, Germany. The Congress was conceived and directed by Prof. Dr. Natasha Loges.

The congress explored 20th-century piano-accompanied songs (Kunstlieder) from former colonized and
colonial-adjacent regions. It focused on recent archival discoveries, coupled with a decolonizing approach
to scholarship, which can transform our knowledge of 20th-century global art music. Song unites text
and music on an intimate scale, revealing personal and local concerns. However, music composed under
the shadow of colonialism risks being lost to new nationalist narratives, despite its artistic significance.
The congress addressed that challenge.

In the coming days, the Hampsong Foundation will publish more information about the Congress, as well as information provided by the incredible group of scholars and artists assembled to discuss these songs.