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The Hampsong Foundation website is structured with many types of visitors in mind. From a student or singer of any age beginning a journey into the world of song, to educators looking for resources to use in their classroom, to experienced listeners interested in accessing and augmenting their knowledge—there is something here for everyone. Even the casual visitor who is curiously intrigued by the art form of song and its communicative possibilities will find a plethora of accessible materials.

The Hampsong Foundation website is first and foremost a repository for high quality digital multimedia materials connecting classic song with history and culture. This website is available in full, for free, to all visitors.

Song Projects are the heartbeat of Hampsong, and of this website. From the archives of select Salzburg Festival projects, to projects devoted entirely to the songs of Mahler and Schubert, to the expansive Song of America project, the site includes full concert programs, song texts and translations, essays, educational materials, radio programs, historic images, and selected audio recordings and videos.

You can watch vocal and instrumental master classes, listen to interviews and lectures, experience special events from your own computer—and so much more!

The Hampsong Foundation is licensed through ASCAP and BMI.