Hugo Wolf
and His Time

Hugo Wolf und seine Zeit

From the Salzburg Festival 2003

A multi-layer project exploring songs by Hugo Wolf, as well as Zemlinsky, Webern, Richard Strauss, Alma Mahler, Schönberg, and Joseph Marx.

This project includes

  • a concert program from the Salzburg Festival with:
    • song listings for the concerts “Hugo Wolf und Seine Zeit” and “Hugo-Wolf-Marathon”
    • works of visual art and photography
    • an interview with Thomas Hampson in German (with an English translation)
    • ein essay von Wolfgang Stähr: Der Trost eines Unglücklichen:Lieder von Hugo Wolf
    • an essay by Richard Wigmore: The Hugo Wolf Marathon
    • all song texts in both English and German
    • biographies of the performers: Thomas Hampson, Barbara Bonney, Angelika Kirchschlager, Michael Schade, Georg Zeppenfeld and Wolfram Rieger



Hugo Wolf and His Time
(August 2003)


Thomas Hampson Interview on Hugo Wolf and His Time (2003)


The Hugo Wolf Marathon

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