Heidelberg Master Class
(April 6, 2016)

In Heidelberg, Germany as part of the Heidelberg Lied Academy

On April 6, 2016, from 3-6pm, the Hampsong Foundation and Medici collaborated on the broadcast of a class from the Heidelberg Lied Academy in Heidelberg, Germany. Video of this class is available via, a subscription service for classical music broadcasts.

This class was conducted in English.

Thomas Hampson, baritone
Wolfram Rieger, piano

Yajie Zhang, mezzo-soprano
Ferdinand Keller, tenor
Emma Moore, soprano
Albin Ahl, bass
Elliott Carlton Hines, baritone

Jonathan Ware, piano
Klara Hornig, piano
Ammiel Bushakevitz, piano

For more video from 2016, please visit the German version of this resource.

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Thomas Hampson

Founder & Director, The Hampsong Foundation

Thomas Hampson, America’s foremost baritone, hails from Spokane, Washington. He has received many honors and awards for his probing artistry and cultural leadership. He enjoys a singular international career as an opera singer, recording artist, and “ambassador of song,” maintaining an active interest in research, education, musical outreach, and technology. Comprising more than 150 albums, his discography includes winners of a Grammy Award, five Edison Awards, and the Grand Prix du Disque.


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