Song: Mirror of the World
Program 10
Forbidden Music, Silenced Voices

Program 10: Forbidden Music, Silenced Voices

Song: Mirror of the World Radio Series
Program 10: Forbidden Music, Silenced Voices

Germany was the land of classical music’s most glorious achievements, but when Hitler came to power, he banned everything written by Jews. That included acknowledged masters like Mendelssohn and Mahler, and musicians whose reputations never recovered, like Karl Goldmark. Also on the list were promising composers forced to flee, such as Alexander Zemlinsky, and those who were murdered, including Pavel Haas and Viktor Ullmann.

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Host & Artistic Director:
Thomas Hampson

Co-Produced by the Hampsong Foundation and The WFMT Radio Network

Production Team:
Executive Producers: Thomas Hampson & Steve Robinson (The WFMT Radio Network)
Audio Producer: Carolyn Paulin (The WFMT Radio Network)
Coordinating Producer: Miriam Lewin
Project Manager: Christie Finn
Writer for Forbidden Music, Silenced Voices: Michael Haas, author of Forbidden Music: The Jewish Composers Banned by the Nazis (Visit his blog here.)

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