Song: Mirror of the World
Program 12
The Return of Melody

Program 12: The Return of Melody

Song: Mirror of the World Radio Series
Program 12: The Return of Melody

By the 1970s, there was a re-exploration of all the colors that melody could bring to the human voice and story. Prominent examples include Leonard Bernstein’s Arias and Barcarolles, William Bolcom’s Cabaret Songs, and cycles by Ned Rorem and Dominick Argento. While the focus of this program remains in the United States, it also expands to include composers from Latin America. Short interviews with five of the composers give perspective to their approaches.

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Host & Artistic Director:
Thomas Hampson

Co-Produced by the Hampsong Foundation and The WFMT Radio Network

Production Team:
Executive Producers: Thomas Hampson & Steve Robinson (The WFMT Radio Network)
Audio Producer: Carolyn Paulin (The WFMT Radio Network)
Coordinating Producer: Miriam Lewin
Project Manager: Christie Finn
Writer for The New World Order: Jeff Lunden, freelance arts reporter and producer for NPR

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Song: Mirror of the World Radio Series

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