Song: Mirror of the World
Program 2
Vienna, Crossroads of Change

Song: Mirror of the World: Program 2, Vienna, Crossroads of Change

Song: Mirror of the World Radio Series
Program 2: Vienna, Crossroads of Change

At the turn of the 18th century, Imperial Vienna was the setting for political as well as artistic upheaval. A new yearning for individual expression gave Schubert the impetus to forge poetry and music into a fresh, powerful metaphor for human experience. This was the birth of the Lied, the cornerstone of classic song. We hear Schubert’s game-changing song “Gretchen am Spinnrade,” plus masterpieces by Mozart, Reichardt, Weber, and Beethoven.

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Host & Artistic Director:
Thomas Hampson

Co-Produced by the Hampsong Foundation and The WFMT Radio Network

Production Team:
Executive Producers: Thomas Hampson & Steve Robinson (The WFMT Radio Network)
Audio Producer: Carolyn Paulin (The WFMT Radio Network)
Coordinating Producer: Miriam Lewin
Project Manager: Christie Finn
Writer for Vienna, Crossroads of ChangeMorten Solvik, musicologist and director of the Institute for the International Education of Students, Vienna

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