Singing Down the Barriers
Summer Institute
(Summer 2022)

American Classic Song, Bonds (Margaret), Burleigh (Harry T.), Hughes (Langston), Master Class, News, Performance technique, Song of America, Still (William Grant), University of Michigan,


Protected: African American Vocal Music FAQs and Resources

American Classic Song, Biography, Bonds (Margaret), Burleigh (Harry T.),


Song: Mirror of the World
Program 11
The New World Order

Audio Recording, Barber (Samuel), Bernstein (Leonard), Bonds (Margaret), Britten (Benjamin), Copland (Aaron), Dickinson (Emily), Duke (John), Eisler (Hanns), Farwell (Arthur), Hindemith (Paul), Poulenc (Francis), Radio Program, Rilke (Rainer Maria), Rorem (Ned), Shostakovich (Dmitri), Song: Mirror of the World, Whitman (Walt),


Song of America: Song in Dialogue (April 2016) Archival Video

American Classic Song, Bonds (Margaret), Dickinson (Emily), Hughes (Langston), Master Class, Song of America, Video Recording,


Classic River Songs from the Past Century

Bacon (Ernst), Bonds (Margaret), Carpenter (John Alden), Dickinson (Emily), Duke (John), Hughes (Langston), Ives (Charles), Rorem (Ned), Thomas (Michael Tilson), Whitman (Walt),