The Sister Marietta Coyle Award

Supporting young singers

Funding scholarships to attend Musicfest Northwest

Musicfest NorthwestThe Sister Marietta Coyle Award honors Thomas Hampson’s first vocal teacher by funding scholarships to attend Musicfest Northwest in his home state, Washington. The award assists a student entered in the Voice Division to continue vocal studies in the next year. The choice of winner is based on the potential, promise, responsibility, and musicianship shown by a student who also desires to pursue a professional music career.

Recent winners:
2019: Jameson Elton
2018: Caroline Slater
2017: Michael Sinitsa
2016: [No award given]
2015: Alexandra Johnson
2014: Kyler Hayes
2013: Cynthia Bauder
2012: Elliot Matheny
2011: Vanessa Vega


2011 - Present


Musicfest Northwest


Collaborations, Education,

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Musicfest Northwest

The Festival, organized in 1945 to instill in young people an enjoyment and appreciation of all the arts, while encouraging the study of music and dance, and promoting high standards of performance, is operated as a civic non-profit organization.

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