Inaugural “Sing My Song” Collaboration (2020-21)


The Sing My Song project, in its pilot version during the 2020-2021 academic year, partnered youth/young adult or high school student participants in the Detroit-Ann Arbor area with University of Michigan School of Music, Theatre, and Dance students to set the poetry and stories of the participants to music.

The final outcome of the inaugural collaboration is the recording of a song that was created and performed with the collaborative parties involved.

The first collaborative team was facilitated by Corner Health (Ypsilanti):
• Sharlene Page (youth participant, Corner Health)
• Thani Brant (U-M SMTD, Musical Theatre, Minor in Musical Theatre Composition)
• Taylor Adams (U-M SMTD, Vocal Performance & Cognitive Science)
(Video by Brianna Minor-McMullen)

The resulting song, “How Many More,” is available to listen to below!

Written by: Sharlene Page
Composer: Thani Brant
Vocalist: Taylor Adams
Video: Brianna Minor-McMullen

"How Many Moore" (2021)

Written by: Sharlene Page
Composer: Thani Brant
Vocalist: Taylor Adams
Video: Brianna Minor-McMullen

About the Artists

Sharlene Page (age 12) is the author of the song, “How Many More”. She was in 6th when she wrote the original piece two years ago as a spoken word poem for her church event. She loves singing and writing so when the opportunity was presented for a chance to make a song, she was really excited! Sharlene was inspired to write this piece based on what was going on in the world. She states, she remembers”…reading everyone else’s opinion so I wanted mine to be written even if it was just to myself.” Sharlene wants listeners to know, she really loves the final product, so she hopes they do too. Also, thanks to Thani for being the composer and Taylor for being an amazing vocalist!

Thani Brant is a 2021 graduate of the University of Michigan with a BFA in Musical Theatre and a Minor in Musical Theatre Composition. They love working with young people and are passionate about social justice. While at U of M, Thani served as a student ambassador for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in their department, and they hope to continue this work in their career as an artist. Thani is so grateful for this opportunity to honor Sharlene’s powerful words — and the Black lives that have been senselessly taken by police brutality and the institution of white supremacy in America — through music.

Raised in Ann Arbor, Michigan, soprano Taylor Adams received a B.A. in Cognitive Science and a B.M. in Voice Performance at the University of Michigan where she studied voice under Caroline Helton and was the recipient of the Women Composers Prize at the 2018 George Shirley Vocal Competition. She is also a writer and her short fiction has appeared in literary journals such as the Michigan Quarterly Review.

Our thanks goes out to the incredible team at Corner Health, especially Brianna Minor-McMullen, Kamilah Davis-Wilson, and Versell Smith, Jr., as well as Dr. Caroline Helton at U-M SMTD.

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