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Our Indie Gogo campaign ended on May 31, 2014, and, thanks to your support, we exceeded our goal!

Please continue to check this page for updates on the project, as well as information about your perks as they become available in the coming months.

Introduction to Song: Mirror of the World and our IndieGogo campaign

In his introduction to the Hampsong Foundation’s new radio series Song: Mirror of the World and our IndieGogo campaign, Thomas Hampson explains a little bit about the series, and how you can help us make this important educational tool a reality for hundreds of thousands of people.

Help support "Song: Mirror of the World"

Printable pamphlet about the project and campaign (PDF): Song: Mirror of the World–We Need Your Help!

Click here to visit our IndieGogo page, which includes a full project description and list of “perks” for donors.

Meet our Coordinating Producer, Miriam Lewin

Learn little bit about what Song: Mirror of the World is like “behind-the-scenes”…

Meet Jeff Lunden, one of the writers for “Song: Mirror of the World”!