Song: Mirror of the World
Program 4
Fascination with the Foreign

Program 4: Fascination with the Foreign

Song: Mirror of the World Radio Series
Program 4: Fascination with the Foreign

Hector Berlioz was a political and musical radical. His songs are the framework for looking at life in France and Germany between the revolutionary years of 1830 and 1848, when a fascination with the outside world created passionate interest in Shakespeare, Scotland, and Swedish soprano Jenny Lind. Other composers lured by the unknown include Stephen Foster, Robert and Clara Schumann, Robert Franz, and Carl Loewe.

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Host & Artistic Director:
Thomas Hampson

Co-Produced by the Hampsong Foundation and The WFMT Radio Network

Production Team:
Executive Producers: Thomas Hampson & Steve Robinson (The WFMT Radio Network)
Audio Producer: Carolyn Paulin (The WFMT Radio Network)
Coordinating Producer: Miriam Lewin
Project Manager: Christie Finn
Writer for Fascination with the ForeignStephen Rodgers, University of Oregon

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