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Bolcom, William:
Briefly It Enters (song cycle, Text: Jane Kenyon)
“George” (from Cabaret Songs, Lyrics: Arnold Weinstein)
“Gettysburg: July 1, 1863” (World Premiere, commissioned by SongFest, Text: Jane Kenyon)
“He Tipped the Waiter” (from Cabaret Songs, Text: Arnold Weinstein)
“How to Swing Those Obbligatos Around” (from I Will Breathe a Mountain, Text: Alice Fulton)
Let Evening Come (song cycle, Text: Maya Angelou, Emily Dickinson & Jane Kenyon)
“Over the Piano” (from Cabaret Songs, Lyrics: Arnold Weinstein)
“The Bustle in a House” (from I Will Breathe a Mountain, Text: Emily Dickinson)

Cipullo, Tom:
“Desire” (Text: Billy Collins)
“How to Get Heat Without Fire” (Text: Marilyn Kallet)
“The Pocketbook” (Text: Marilyn Kallet)
“Touch Me” (Text: Stanley Kunitz)

Heggie, Jake:
“Angels’ Wings” (Text: Gene Scheer)

Laitman, Lori:
“If I…” (Text: Emily Dickinson)
“Last Night the Rain Spoke to Me” (Text: Mary Oliver)
“Over the Fence” (Text: Emily Dickinson)
“Pentecost” (Text: Dana Gioia)
“Refrigerator, 1957” (Text: Thomas Lux)
“Spray” (Text: Sara Teasdale)
“The Apple Orchard” (Text: Dana Gioia)
“The Kiss” (Text: Sara Teasdale)
“The Metropolitan Tower” (Text: Sara Teasdale)
“The Silver Swan” (Text: Anonymous)
“The Sunflowers” (Text: Mary Oliver)

Larsen, Libby:
“How Do I Love Thee?” (Text: Elizabeth Barrett Browning)
“If I Leave All for Thee” (Text: Elizabeth Barrett Browning)
My Ántonia (song cycle, Text: Willa Cather)

Musto, John:
“Nude at the Piano” (Text: Mark Campbell)
The Book of Uncommon Prayer (song cycle, Text: various)
“The Hangman at Home” (Text: Carl Sandburg)

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