SongFest Program 2004

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The SongFest 2004 program booklet contains the following:

Information about the SongFest 2004 Program for New American Song, which which matched composers and poets with singers (More information here.)

Programs and program notes for the concerts:
-A Special Composer Salon with John Harbison, featuring his song cycles North and South, Mirabai Songs, Gatsby Songs, and Flashes and Illuminations
-Program notes for the SongFest 2004 premieres: Therefore We Do Not Lose Heart (Angel On-Ki Lam), “Song About Law and Light” (Anna Weesner), Burning (Dorothy Chang), and While millions join the theme.. (Erica Muhl)

Listings of songs performed in classes about the works of J. S. Bach, as well as aria, recitative, oratorio, and pianist classes

Program listings for the following concerts:
-Franz Schubert and Robert Schumann (several)
-The Italianate Mozart from 19 to 35
-Franz Schubert (several)
-Benjamin Britten (several)
-Robert Schumann
-Early German Arias in Recital
Frauenliebe und Leben, Op. 42 (Chamisso)
Liederkreis von Eichendorff, Op. 39 (Schumann)
-“Of Things Not Seen” (featuring the works of Songfest 2004 Guest Composers)
-“New Voices” (featuring the works of Songfest 2004 Composers)
-The Concord Ensemble: “Something Old, Something Borrowed…Something New”
-New Music Forum (several)
-“How to take the measure of a brand–new song”
-The Poets: Carl Sandburg and Rainier Maria Rilke
-Dwelling in Beauty: The Art of Poetry and the Song of Music with Cristanne Miller, lecturer and John Harbison, composer (An exploration of the works of 20th and 21st century women poets, Emily Dickinson and Walt Whitman and the musical creations inspired by their poems)
-France in the 20th Century
-Emily Dickinson
-French Romanticism (several)
Mélodies sur des poèmes de Paul Verlaine
-“Classic American Voices”
-“American Visions…American Voices”
-Claude Debussy
Charles Ives
-New Voices
-Maurice Ravel & Francis Poulenc

Biographies of select composers, guest artists and artist faculty members, including composer John Harbison, as well as biographies of the Stern Fellows and other participating performers.


© SongFest, used here with permission

A special thanks to Rosemary Hyler Ritter and SongFest

File Download

View or download the PDF: SongFest Program 2004

SongFest-2004-Program (pdf / 2.41 MB)

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