The Art of Democracy:
Song as Active Citizenship

Conversation #1 (June 2020 Series)

The Art of Democracy: Song in America
Conversation #1: “Song as Active Citizenship”

June 11, 2020 at 2pm Eastern / 11am Pacific (20h Central European)

Special Guests:

  • Dr. Susan Key, Executive Director of the Star Spangled Music Foundation and former Special Projects Director at the San Francisco Symphony
  • Eugene Rogers, Director of Choral Activities and Conductor of Chamber Choir (University of Michigan)
  • Joel Thompson, composer
  • Conversation #1 on June 11, 2020

    "The Art of Democracy: Song as Active Citizenship"
    with special guests: musicologist Susan Key, choral conductor Eugene Rogers, and composer Joel Thompson

    Seven Last Words of the Unarmed

    Music by Joel Thompson
    University of Michigan Men’s Glee Club, under the direction of Eugene Rogers

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    Seven Last Words

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