Selected List of Resources Related to Walt Whitman

Selected List of Resources Related to Walt Whitman

Walt Whitman in 1891
Photo courtesy of the Library of Congres

Literary Editions
Whitman, Walt. Leaves of Grass. Bradley & Blodgett, ed. New York: W.W. Norton, 1973. (“Deathbed Edition”).

Whitman, Walt. Leaves of Grass. New York: Eakins Press, 1966. (fascimile of first edition).

Whitman, Walt. Letters. Miller, ed. New York: New York University Press, 1961.

Whitman, Walt & Anne Gilchrist. Letters. New York: Garden City Press, 1918.

Whitman, Walt. Poetry & Prose. Kaplan, ed. New York: Library of America, 1982. (complete published works).

Whitman, Walt. I Sit and Look Out. Holloway & Schwarz, ed. New York: Columbia U. Press, 1932. (published editorials & journalism).


Allen, Gay Wilson. The Solitary Singer: A Critical Biography. Chicago: U. of Chicago Press, 1955/1985.

Kaplan, Justin. Walt Whitman: A Life. New York: Simon & Schuster, 1980.

Marinaci, Barbara. O Wondrous Singer! New York: Dodd, Mead, 1970.

Reynolds, David S. Walt Whitman’s America: A Cultural Biography. New York: Knopf, 1995.

Traubel, Horace. With Walt Whitman in Camden. 5 volumes. Reprint of 1906 edition. Boston: Small, Maynard, 1996. (diaries)

Literary Criticism

Allen, Gay Wilson. The New Walt Whitman Handbook. New York: New York U. Press, 1975.

Asselinau, Roger. The Evolution of Walt Whitman. Cambridge: Cambridge U. Press, 1960.

Erkkila, Betsy. Walt Whitman Among the French. Princeton, N.J.: Princeton U. Press, 1980.

Pearce, Roy Harvey, ed. Whitman: A Collection of Critical Essays. Englewood Cliffs, N.J.: Prentice Hall, 1962.

Schyberg, Frederick. Walt Whitman. New York: Columbia U. Press, 1951. (influence on world literature).

Whitman in Music, Art, & Historical-Cultural Context

Allen, Gay Wilson. “The Iconography of Walt Whitman.” The Artistic legacy of Walt Whitman: A Tribute to Gay Wilson Allen. New York: New York U. Press, 1970.

Barton, William E. Abraham Lincoln & Walt Whitman. Reprint of 1928 edition. Port Washington, N.Y.: Walt Whitman Birthplace, 1965.

Cooke, Alice L. “Notes on Walt Whitman’s Musical Background.” New England Quarterly Vol. XIX (June, 1946): 224-235.

Faner, Robert. Walt Whitman & the Opera. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 1951.

Kozloff, Max. “Walt Whitman & American Art.” The Artistic legacy of Walt Whitman: A Tribute to Gay Wilson Allen. New York: New York U. Press, 1970.

Lawrence, Vera Brodsky. “Unloos’d Cantabile: Walt Whitman & the Italian Opera.” Seaport Vol. 26 (Spring 1992), 38-45.

Whitmer, Carl T. “Walt Whitman Songs.” Musical America (May 28, 1921).


Bibliography of Walt Whitman. Port Washington, NY: Walt Whitman Birthplace, 1965.

Neilson, Kenneth. The World of Walt Whitman Music. Queens, N.Y.: self-published, 1963.

Wells, Carolyn. A Concise Bibliography of the Works of Walt Whitman. New York: 1968.

Recordings: Video & Spoken Word

Walt Whitman: A Video. Washington, D.C. 1988. 88-1216963.

Whitman, Walt. Leaves of Grass. Begley. Caedmon TC 1037 1154.

Whitman, Walt. Song of Myself. Welles. CMS Records CMS 636.

References: Composers

New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians. London: Macmillan; 1980. (composer biographies, bibliographies, editions, & data).


American Academy of Poets, 177 E. 87th St., NY, NY 10128.

American Composers Alliance, 170 West 74th St., NY, NY 10023 (music publishers).

American Music Center, 30 West 76th St., NY, NY 10001 (library of contemporary music manuscripts).

Brooklyn Historical Society, 128 Pierrepont St., Brooklyn, NY 11201.

Classical Vocal Reprints, 1376 Third Ave., NY, NY 10021,P Glendower Jones. (hard-to-find music editions).

Library of Congress Music Division, Washington, D.C. 20540. (music manuscripts/reprints).

New York Public Library of the Performing Arts, Lincoln Center, NY, NY 10023. (music manuscripts).

Walt Whitman Association, 328 Mickle St., Camden, NJ 08103. (historical site, library).

Walt Whitman Birthplace Association, 246 Walt Whitman Rd., Huntingdon Station, NY 11746.(historical site, library, publishers).

Walt Whitman Music Editions, 3394-B Punta Alta, Laguna, CA 92653, Dr. Robert Strassburg.

Walt Whitman Music Library, 345 Arguello Blvd. # 307, San Francisco, CA 94118; Fredrick Berndt, Director.(collected library of musical settings).

Walt Whitman Quarterly Review, English Department, University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA 52242, Dr. Ed Folsom, editor.

Wisconsin State Historical Society, University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI, Harry Miller. (Blitzstein archives)

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