University of Michigan Master Class
(Feb. 3, 2020)

Adams (John), American Civil War, American Classic Song, Bizet (Georges), Lieder, Master Class, Performance technique, Strauss (Richard), University of Michigan,


Stephen Foster and the Folk Roots of American Song (Oct. 1994)

American Civil War, American Classic Song, Burleigh (Harry T.), Burns (Robert), Concert Program, Copland (Aaron), Essay, Foster (Stephen), Ives (Charles), Moore (Thomas), Timeline,


The Romantic Yearning for the “Folk”: A Concert of American Song (May 1998)

American Civil War, Barber (Samuel), Burleigh (Harry T.), Burns (Robert), Butterworth (George), Concert Program, Foster (Stephen), Goethe (Johann Wolfgang von), Hindemith (Paul), Homer (Sidney), Housman (A.E.), Joyce (James), Moore (Thomas), Naginsky (Charles), Neidlinger (William Harold), Rorem (Ned), Volkslieder, Weill (Kurt), Whitman (Walt),


Walt Whitman & Song

American Classic Song, Bernstein (Leonard), American Civil War, Essay, Hindemith (Paul), Naginsky (Charles), Opera, Rorem (Ned), Sand (George), Verdi (Giuseppe), Weill (Kurt), Whitman (Walt),


Annual Erich Leinsdorf Lecture (January 2010)

Adams (John), American Classic Song, Bernstein (Leonard), Burleigh (Harry T.), American Civil War, Weill (Kurt), Whitman (Walt),